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If you love whisky, you will love Moray and you will probably have a list of the Speyside distilleries you want to visit. If you're not sure what all the fuss is about when it comes to malt whisky, then take some time to explore a distillery or two. A typical tour gives an insight into the distillation process and its history as well as discovering what the Angels’ Share is. Tours usually end with a tasting which can be an enlightening experience.

The hills around Speyside once hid hundreds of illegal stills. The whisky was sought after and smuggled whisky would find its way onto the tables of royalty. A tax change in the 1850's meant that legal whisky production became profitable and distilleries flourished.

There are more than 40 Speyside distilleries representing more then 50% of all distilleries in Scotland. The main ingredients are barley and water so it is amazing how malt whisky varies so much from one distillery to another.

Many of the distilleries are beautiful with pagoda shaped roofs (kilns) and immaculate grounds. Not all of them are open to the public, but the ones that are offer something a bit different, just like their whiskies.

The combination of speyside sun and barley and water - essential ingredients in malt whisky

Whisky in Moray and Speyside

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