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Lossiemouth Olympic Gold

Heather Stanning (whose home town is Lossiemouth in Moray) and her rowing partner Helen Glover won Olympic Gold in the Women's Pairs rowing. As well as being the first gold medal for Team GB at London 2012, it is the first British Olympic Gold in women's rowing ever!

Olympic Stamp

Heather and Helen are featured on a new Royal Mail Stamp. The new first class stamps went on sale today in some post offices, the day after their historic Olympic win.

Gold Post Box

To celebrate their win The Royal Mail has painted a red post pox gold in each of the athletes' home towns so Lossiemouth now has its own gold post box!


Where’s the Gold Post Box in Lossiemouth?

If you are looking for the gold post box in Lossiemouth, it’s located on Clifton Road West.

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