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Elgin Cathedral is one of the most enduring visitor attractions in Moray - Johnson and Boswell visited it on their journey to the Western Isles (1770's) and Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe was clearly impressed with his visit to Elgin and its Cathedral.

Elgin Cathedral was founded in 1224 - marking the beginning of a turbulent history. Originally built in a cross shape it appears to have been significantly added to in the late 13th century after a fire in 1270. In  1390, Alexander Stuart, the Wolf of Badenoch took revenge for his excommunication from the church and set Elgin Cathedral alight. Again it was rebuilt, but the reformation and the embracing of Protestantism sealed its demise. The Cathedral no longer had a purpose and fell into disrepair. The stripping of its lead roof didn't help this. Ironically, the boat carrying the lead to the buyer was too heavy and sank just outside Aberdeen Harbour! Many of the stones were recycled and used in local buildings.

Elgin Cathedral

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