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It’s unfortunate but Scotland has a strong association with bad weather especially rain but this should not extend to Moray. Moray attracts visitors from all over the world but particlularly from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and the USA. We’ve compared the average mean rainfall with the capitals of these countries. Using Kinloss’ figures as a basis for Moray yields dramatic results about Moray’s weather.

The graph clearly shows Kinloss has a lower average annual rainfall then Canberra, Paris, Rome, Otttowa and Washington!

Figures sourced from UK Met. Office and World Met. Organization data. Based on 30 year monthly precipitation averages from 1971-2000, except Italy and USA (1961-1990), Ireland (1961-1990). Canberra, Australia monthly averages are over a 64 year period 1939 - 2002.

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