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Campervan Holidays

What makes a memorable holiday? For us it's always the same things; the excitement of doing something different, discovering new places and feeling a sense of freedom (away from the office!)

That's why we love campervan holidays. Imagine pausing after lunch on a secluded beach. Or taking a "tea break" while soaking up the view of spectacular towering Scottish mountains. One of life's great experiences is waking up to some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery. Then leisurely having breakfast from the comfort of your campervan.

Tour Moray and Speyside by Campervan

Moray and Speyside are the perfect places to enjoy a campervan holiday. In a campervan you are surrounded by nature. Soaking up the atmosphere in a secluded Scottish Glen is magical. The Highland views you take in as you explore this part of Scotland are often compared with New Zealand. Yet they largely remain unexplored. The surrounding coastline has been voted by National geographic as some of the most spectacular in Europe. Not to mention the abundance of rare wildlife in the area such as; red squirrels, wild deer, rare birds and the Moray Firth is even home to Dolphins!

Do something different for a holiday this year. Visit Scotland and take a road-trip in a classic campervan.

Author Robert Warburton, proprietor of Northern Light Campervans based in Moray

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