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Moray is an easy destination to get to. Here's a travel itinerary, which can see you enjoying breakfast in London, and lunch in Elgin.

This example is based on flying from London Luton to Inverness airport and picking up your hire car.

1015 London Luton to Inverness Airport (easyjet flight)

1150 Arrive at Inverness Airport

London to Moray

Allowing 15 minutes to pick up your hire car and collect your luggage.  Please note these drive times are approximate but realistic.

1205 Depart Inverness Airport

1230 Arrive in Brodie, Moray - Next to Brodie Castle!

1235 Arrive in Forres

1250 Arrive in Elgin

This means from take off from London Luton you can be in Moray in 2 hours 15 minutes and Elgin within 2 hours 35 minutes.

Of course this doesn’t allow for travel and check in time for Luton however it demonstrates Moray is an easy destination to travel to.

See our flight search engine to get the times and flight pricing options.

See our car hire page for details of car rental companies.

Fly and drive from London to Inverness to Elgin

Inverness Airport Bus

There is a regular bus service from Inverness Airport to Moray. The Jet Service 11. In the example to the left you could take the bus and still be in time for lunch!

1210 Depart Inverness

1245 Arrive in Brodie

1256 Arrive in Forres

1318 Arrive in Elgin

Inverness Airport Bus

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